Dear UKR

I was at E3 last week in industry guise. Trying to avoid actually doing anything to justify my flight cost and hotel bill I wandered onto the Nintendo stand and spotted Google video star Andrew Rosenblum presenting the next installment of his ‘show’. He and his skinny gimp friend were bizarrely being filmed by an attractive if a little young (16 is legal in the US isn’t it?) female dressed a bit like a schoolgirl… Anyway before i could get a picture of the schoolgirl they all ran off to some the Isle of Man development stand to film some blindfolded Japanese bloke playing video game music i hadn’t really heard of on a bontempi keyboard, which quite frankly was a bit shit.

Anyway please find attached picture of ‘Google video star’ Andrew Rosenblum… perhaps you can run a behind the scenes style feature… or just post it up as one of the more bizarre stalkings by your readers.

Booth Hunk Andrew Rosenblum

One of the more bizarre stalkings by our readers.