For ONLY 1.99! It’s amazing, the local chemist once again shows that it’s the greatest breed of shop. Having already proved it’s worth over the last eight years with a steady and never-ending stock of powerful Valium pills and industrial strength lubricants we didn’t think it could be any better. We were wrong. They have truly outdone themselves this time:

Soapy Tails

It’s some kind of cosmic sign that this still exists and is on a shelf after 15 years. Perhaps there’s even some kind of metaphor for SEGA there. We have ZERO doubt at all that were we to open this wonderful little bottle of gaming merchandise DELIGHT, it would actually smell of 1992, Mega Drive, and Becky Boroughclough’s hair.

In fact the bottle has been opened now and the reaction it has elicited from people includes:

“Smells of ‘Tolkien powder’.”

“Smells of grannies.”

“Oh fuck it smells of liquid.”

“It smells of cocaine.” (After snorting it.)

“It smells just like Tails – SHIT.”

This on-the-spot report provided by guest updater The Cap’n.