Another important piece of SEGA nostalgia merchandise has been discovered!


Sonic and Knuckles have been scribbled out. There’s a reason for this. The person who owns the book will explain himself in the next caption.


If you look at the intro page, you can see where the young me crossed out all the Sonic pictures because I HATED Sonic for being RUBBISH. I am sorry.”

GAMESMASTER SAYS: Up Down Left Right A+Start

It’s not really a cheats book. It’s an empty notebook for you to write your own cheats down on. It must’ve been a lot easier to produce than today’s 200-page walkthroughs of Splinter Cell.

We still hate Mario to this very day

Mario cheats shouldn’t really be written down in a SEGA book.

Sonic 3 - the worst Mega Drive Sonic

If you’ve got some old rubbish on your attic that says SEGA on it, please send it in. We’re rapidly becoming the Wikipedia of SEGA.