It was a good day for emails. We got two about sex drugs, two MySpace friend requests (more bloody men) and an amazing FIVE containing weird SEGA-related photographs.

Here they are all at once, as the harsh truth is that none are quite good enough to make it into individual updates. But together they are stronger.

This is the ‘Sonic and Tails Spinner’. We have no idea what it is or how it’s supposed to be a game. Here’s what the photographer had to say about it:

The spinner was made Sonic Adventure era as there’s a picture of the robot with the bird what’s inside of him on the right of the base. I’d lost interest by then though and some 7 year olds were watching me with a view to steal my phone, so I didn’t get a picture. Note how Sonic appears to be either bumming or fisting tails. Maybe that’s why it broke? The worst part is it’s about 5 minutes away from where I work and will no doubt be in there on payday, spunking money away like there’s no tomorrow.

This is an anti-nazi parade and they have an actual Sonic banner made up. Sonic stands for freedom!

I found this picture in an article about the protest of a German anti-fascistic rganisation called ‘Antifa’. They were protesting against the fact that neo-nazis want to buy the untenanted hotel shown in this picture to establish a nazi meeting point there. I don’t know why they painted Sonic on their banner.

Probably the roughest fleshpot in Salzburg

Sticking with the German-language territories, this is the SEGABAR. We presume it’s a bar – the only information the sender provided was that it’s “probably the roughest fleshpot in Salzburg”. We always knew that if SEGA did fleshpots in Salzburg, they’d probably be the roughest fleshpots in Salzburg.

It’s an exciting cardboard box! It appears to be a SEGA Mark III box of games box. The sender seemed very excited about having it in his possession.

SEGA World Shanghai.

I was in a large shopping centre in Xu Jia Hui Shanghai and noticed a rather large ‘Sega World’ logo on top of a machine as I went up the escalator. It looked rather dirty so I figured it was some throw-back machine from the early 90s. Upon further investigation I discovered a fully functioning Sega World, complete with OutRun2, House of the Dead and a whole load of other things. The people were loving it. Despite the lack of interest in OutRun2 the other games were getting a lot of play time. It must be one of the only places in Shanghai where you can play games legitimately without them being copies…