We’ve made a new kind of t-shirt. This one’s red and says “Spiel Macht Frei” on it, which is German for something and sort of accidentally stuck as our logo because we couldn’t think of anything better in English to change it to.

Then it says “UK:Resistance – Not making a difference since 1996” underneath, which is something new we just thought up, seeing as we’ve been doing this for 10 years now.

We got a whole box of them:

You can buy them from our shop. They come in medium, large and extra fat, are red like we said and quite nice.

This is a photo of them taken with the flash. It gives you a better idea of the colour, which is a nice dark red. Not that horrible bright cheap red. Oh no.

Also, to show how much we love throwing money away, we got ten made in a girls size – for girls.

We made this girl ourselves out of a pineapple, a chair and some socks. She’ll keep us company for the winter, then we can eat her in the spring as long as she hasn’t gone rotten.

This is what the logo looks like in close-up. It’s screen-printed so it will last and looks very nice. We used macro mode to take this photo. It’s always a pleasure to work in macro mode!

We couldn’t use the Sonic logo, as that would make SEGA angry with us and we might stop getting sent free games and stickers. Which, to be honest, is the only reason we carry on with this tedious charade any more.

This is a close-up of the neck. If you’re anything like us you might be a bit ‘fussy’ about what the necks are like on your t-shirts. This has a nice neck. We went to the factory before we placed the order and looked specifically for a t-shirt with a nice neck.

They’re sixteen British pounds, which includes packaging, the new really expensive postage that makes big light things (ie, t-shirts) cost twice as much to send out as before, and us writing out envelopes and taking them to the post office which is amazingly tedious and always makes us wish we’d never bloody bothered doing it at all. Get them here, or don’t, then post about how they suck and you hate them in the Comments field and that that you hate red and that we should’ve done a green one with Tails on instead – THEN you might’ve bought one.