IGN has launched its UK operation, using the blandest, most predictable and generic attempt at “British speak” we’ve ever seen. They’re trying to be ‘zany’ by inventing new words for the internet, like ‘worldwide Intertube’ :(

IGN UK is funny and zany!

It’s also doing ‘funny’ captions that are placed beneath ‘amusing’ images like we do only without our unrealistic wage demands. This is because they’re British, and British people are funny and wacky! All of them! Literally everything a British person ever says is funny, as you can see from the above attempt at British Speak that was obviously written by an American.


“That’s right — IGN has moved across the Atlantic and opened an office in olde Londontowne”

“IGN’s US and UK staff will form an invincible gaming Voltron hell-bent on defeating Robeasts throughout the galaxy”

“We’ll also provide some UK reviews to give a second opinion on many games that appeal to a more European audience, such as rally racing and soccer titles”

“Expect the use of words such as “colour,” “blimey” and “wanker” in those articles”

The full English cliche-fest is here: IGN: Introducing IGN UK. It makes Gamesradar look good. We’re looking forward to this new era of British craziness — it’ll be like Monty Python but about games! And more about creaming off UK ad revenue.