Has it come out yet? Is it exactly like the PS2 version? Or is Polyphony Digital, the least-efficient development team in the world, struggling to make anything look half-decent on the obsolete handheld Lumines machine?

PSP Gran Turismo 4 - Just a big lie

This lie was sent out to fool idiots into buying PSP back in May of 2004. It’s now August of 2006. August 30 in fact, so actually more like September.

UMD - Just a big joke

Well done, Sony. You made a pretend disc. This actually fooled some people for about a year! Fortunately we now know you just make stuff up and lie about things all the time, so we (the internet and therefore everyone in the world) won’t be falling for it again. This isn’t 1996 any more. You can’t expect to lie to people and for no one to notice. Everything is recorded in Google.

An empty box - Just an empty box

And well done again for making a pretend box. Now you just need to make something interesting to put in it, as with PSP and PlayStation3 in general.

A big lie

The amazing detail on the pretend box, where Sony cleverly preempted what everyone would say and then said it first. This, thinking about it, was the precise moment Sony started thinking that lying to people would work as its new strategy.