So we went and investigated it! The sign looked like it had where it says ‘SEGA’ covered up with a sticker, so it might’ve been a closed, abandoned SEGA World facility, with lots of classic games in that everyone’s forgotten about! This could be a lost tomb, sealed forever in 1998 and therefore with everything in mint condition and probably set to freeplay!

Home away from home!

It’s worrying that the ‘SEGA’ bit seems to have been covered up.

We were worried and excited both at once!

It’s definitely been covered up, hasn’t it? It would be some coincidence for a piece of paper exactly that size to randomly attach itself to that sign in that specific place, wouldn’t it?

SEGA World crack alley

Sadly, to get to SEGA World, you have to walk down the sort of underpass that we usually associate with buying heavily-cut drugs from tramps or having our laptop stolen. This might explain why the sign has been papered over and why it looks like it might be closed and abandoned. What lies down the underpass of DOOM? Is it really a SEGA World? Is it still open? Or is it closed? Or has it been turned into a McDonalds or a Starbucks like every other available retail space?

SEGA World Sydney - DEAD

It’s a boring shopping center. There is no SEGA World in Sydney any more. That was a waste of everyone’s time. We looked for ages. Nothing.

We got an email from this bloke who saw a second closed SEGA World in Shanghai. What is happening to the world? :(

All the while, Apple is opening *more* iPod hellholes. The end times really are upon us.