Coronation Street, the rubbish soap opera about the tedious lives of poor people who live in the North of England, featured Sonic The Hedgehog in its episode broadcast on Sunday August 27. They were playing it on PC, so it might have been an illegal ROM.

Although, as someone from SEGA told us this was going to happen about five months ago, it looks like a cleverly worked PR trick. Because even though it’s a laughably bad pantomime of a show, Coronation Street is watched by about 12 million people. Stupid people who can’t afford games consoles and think chips count as vegetables, but it’s still quite a coup.

“If we was all as fast as Sonic, there’d be a lot fewer accidents on the road”

We’re not becoming one of those sites that’s just a list of YouTube videos. Promise. It’s a coincidence. We probably won’t do another one of these for six months now. We’re also quite proud of this one as it required (a) finding the episode, (b) downloading the torrent, (c) editing the relevant chunk out of it, and (d) putting the clip on YouTube. This is the first new technical thing we’ve learned since getting a DVD player in 1999.