Updates suspended for the foreseeable future as we struggle to marry two facts:

FACT A: It’s on PS3 therefore it MUST be shit.

FACT B: It’s by SEGA therefore it MUST be amazing.

ADDITIONAL FACT C: We’ll be sitting in the bathroom rocking backwards and forwards for a while pooing and weeing on ourselves trying to decide which editorial stance to take.

The only option is to pretend these are Xbox 360 or PC screenshots. Yes, that’s it. VF5 will be announced for Xbox 360 next week! That’s clearly what’s about to happen. That’s why they took all these new screenshots. Look, they’re in widescreen just like Xbox 360!

The truth is too horrible to consider.

We can’t go saying something on PS3 looks good.

All we can do is…

…maybe we could say that only SEGA is good enough to make PS3 games look good? Because SEGA’s better at programming and stuff.

That could work as an ‘angle’ to make this seem like a happier day.

Even then it feels wrong.

Maybe we should pretend VF5 doesn’t exist?

It’s just all too much. You know SEGA’s original 2001 masterplan had this down as a Dreamcast 2 launch game :(