And the amazing thing is the reporter managed to find one man who was buying it for his kid, and not just to sell on for profit. The great thing about this, of course, is that no one will buy any games and Sony will just lose loads of money on the hardware everyone’s buying to sell on. So carry on, greedy Ebay losers! You’re actually doing us a favour.

We’ll just be staying inside and not wasting our money on an over-priced rubbish thing we don’t need.

Just checking his Ebay listing…

You know they’ve already spent the profit they think they’re going to make by selling the shitbox for twice the price to some loser next week. But what on? Crystal meth?

This fat fuck thinks he’s going to sell his PS3 on Ebay for two grand. Please, America, don’t fall for it. Wait until Sony cuts the price or there’s at least a game for it you really want instead of a deeply boring one you’re pretending to want – i.e. Resistance Fall of Man.

Make sure you watch the video until the end. He clearly doesn’t have a clue about the whole thing.