This is a promotional (ie, paid for by Nintendo) advertorial (ie, an advert pretending to be part of the magazine) in UK magazine Prima.

What’s unusual about this is that Prima isn’t a video game magazine, it’s a magazine about clothes and shopping and diets and “Ooh! This one’s got flowers on it!” aimed at bored housewives.

Wii - For unrealistic families that don't exist

Nintendo is saying that Wii is family fun that could stop your wayward 14-year-old daughter huffing lighter fluid and wanking off boys in stolen cars. Before you know it your family will be like a family from a TV sitcom instead of like a family from the news, all thanks to the unifying family force of… Nintendo Wii.

Time indoors = wanking time

“Time indoors can be quality time too”. It’s nice to see a positive spin applied to the world’s most anti-social hobby.

She's called Kerisha

We’ve got another girlfriend off MySpace.


AND WHAT IS THIS?! Has Nintendo granted the Wii Animal Crossing world exclusive first-look to UK woman magazine Prima?!


The “health benefits of a little light exercise”? Nintendo is trying to make Wii sound like something that will make fat women thin. This could be a genius move. After all, this is how we became lettuce millionaires in the early 1980s.

Period Pain Special

Prima – first for Nintendo Wii exclusives. And also for stuff about PMT and hormone replacement therapy and what trousers to wear to the office party.