Here’s another Wii advertorial, this time from the pages of woman’s magazine Glamour. And you thought the DS Lite was a bit effeminate…

Wii - For girls

We, er, accidentally bought this while meaning to buy Nuts or Zoo. Or FHM or Maxim or that one about cars.

Pink pages. Nice touch. That’ll draw them in.

Still, we mustn’t complain. If “the girls” want to stay in and play video games while we go out to drink Stella and snort poppers at strip clubs, that’s just fine by us. Sounds like a great emerging new world order, in fact.

We think this panel might be hinting at the fact you can stick it up your fanny.

Just like any other party, only with a games machine awkwardly tagged onto the bottom. You go, girls.

Keep checking Glamour magazine for more Wii exclusives!


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