Basically… Sony paid marketing company Zipatoni to make a blog about how great PSP is, because PSP is such a piece of shit no one on the whole internet wants to make a fan site about it for free.

Sony's PSP lie blog

Obviously it’s all backfired and turned into a massive slagging match, as Sony’s marketing gurus block words like “viral” and “marketing” from the comments fields and delete posts 24/7.

All quotes left on Sony’s latest fake marketing blog:

  • “As a gamer who is part of Sony’s target audience I’m insulted not just by the integrity of this website, but that this reflects how intelligent Sony’s marketing department thinks I am.”
  • “Second…Sony…PLEASE stop trying to be ‘hip’. Please START focusing on product and games and opening a REAL dialogue with your users to make your gaming products better.”
  • “This fake cool vibe is as pathetic as an old uncle dancing to hip hop at a family wedding.”
  • “Please, while you’re removing this comment and the 200 other negative comments above it (again), have the decency to do one honest thing in your life and inform sony of just how bad they screwed up by ordering this a_d. This is simply so insulting to anyone who truly loves games, the only reaction you will likely get is a decreased willingness to buy anything sony branded.”
  • “Just checking back again, I note that my post,saying the word advert(i)sing was banned, has been deleted.”
  • “Thank you for making me feel even better about not buying your products! And by the way, your incredibly horrible attempts at typing in a way you must assume most gamers type is pathetic. Way to go! You just insulted all the people who buy your products! Now back to Mario on my DS. :)”
  • “Let’s face it folks, PSPs are utterly worthless unless you hack the thing. Downgrade your firmware to 1.50 and install Devhook 0.5.1 and emulate Firmware 3.02 – swapping between the two rocks. And you have ISO support now.”
  • “Makes me ashamed of buying a product from such losers. if you guys wanted to sell psp’s then why don’t you get dame game on it, right now theres no great games on psp just a bunch of shovelware.”
  • “No one wants a psp, and Sony is going down in flames. I’ve awaited this day for many, many years now.”
  • “What The Hell! Not only is this fraud of a joke site a simple paid for advertisement for Sony, but it also is horrendously awful! You spent how much on this absolute tripe? Sony shareholders better wake up and start firing people left and right if they want to retain any value.”
  • “You want people to love your products and actually produce sites like this? Don’t pay someone make a site… Just make a product good enough for people to love. The community and love will follow.”
    And be sure to check out the awesome defence posts by site updaters ‘charlie’ and ‘cousinpete’ such as…

    “we be just tryin to represent u guys… regular playas just tryin to get their gaem on, but now u gotta do all be dis then… u guys are noubs, pwnd!!” – ‘charlie’


    “You all is haters tymes 4. Dis is lee-git. Don’t know why youse thinks this is a schill. Are site was registered through an external provider. We don’t work for sony. And for all you dissin’ my skillz I’m down for a one on one rap off or settling it street stylez if you feel me playa. Teh. I own a Nintendo DS and I love it. I would still like a PSP for shizzle. But the DS is just as solid.” – ‘cousinpete’

    …over here at Sony’s latest attempt at lying to people on the internet.

    When all the posts get deleted and the site gets closed because it’s just too embarrassing to carry on having it on the internet, a recent back-up of the page will be located here. It’s simply too good to let fade away.