We took some photos of a SEGA Park too! Unfortunately it (a) was in London and (b) had been turned into a newsagent.

Someone sent us a photo of a SEGA Park sign they spotted on a London street. The sign was above a rubbish shop selling postcards and bottles of water to tourists for twice what you’d pay elsewhere. The angle of the photo suggested there might be a Sega Park and Casino to the left of the shot. We emailed back, asking what was to the left of the photo…

It’s a pub. We then decided to go and investigate for ourselves, seeing as it’s only round the corner from where we sit in an office and press F5 all day.

Here, in fact.

It doesn’t look like it was a very big SEGA Park and Casino. Perhaps that’s why it closed.

There is no sign of a SEGA Park and Casino above the sign.

There is no sign of a secret entrance in the street, either.

It’s blue though, and you can tell that the marble sides would’ve made a very grand entrance into the old SEGA Park. Imagine walking through those pillars into a world of SEGA fun!

To the right is a trendy ‘eatery’ where businessmen are having lunch. Probably a ciabatta, toasted, with an expresso and a beer. They are discussing the ways in which they’d like to have sex with the receptionist.

To the left is another trendy ‘eatery’ where businessmen are eating gastro pub food. Probably Thai, with a bottle of Kronenbourg. They are discussing salaries without actually telling each other what they earn.

Just to satisfy your curiosity.

Here’s another one of the logo. This is like that bit in Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston sees a happy thing he remembers, but then it turns out to mean something bad has happened. The bad thing that happened in this case is that another ex-SEGA facility has been turned into something that isn’t about playing Daytona USA any more. The bastards.

It looks in good condition. Maybe one day we’ll summon up the courage to go in and ask the owner if we can have it for fifty quid and his help in taking it down.

They can then re-invest the money in some new signage.