In a hilarious ironic twist, we’re going to copy something from Kotaku today.

Specifically this update, in which lots of Americans say how many unsold PlayStation3s their local retail warehouses have.

It’s happy reading time! Here are some quotes.

  • “The guy at Gamestop said that they have had PS3s all week that he could not get rid of”
  • “My local Best Buy has a nicely made-up, color, semi-permanent-looking sign on the door stating that they do not have any Wiis in stock. I got to the game section and they had a pile of at least 20 PS3s sitting on the floor”
  • “Went to pick up an extra Wiimote and a game and found the entire Nintendo section wiped out. Saw about 15 PS3s just sitting there though, no one even in the section”
  • “I have seen PS3s in stock at 6 different stores in the last 4 days in Northeast PA. 2 Walmarts, 1 Target, 2 Eb games, 1 Gamestop. Most of them had several and they were mostly 60Gb. Its very odd, but I know i don’t want one”
  • “Best Buy in Barboursville, WV had 33 60GB PS3’s at 1:30 yesterday. They opened an hour early to hand out tickets and no one was there. They had sold one from the time they opened till I was there”
  • “I work at a Target and we got 14 60gbs in on Saturday morning. The last one finally sold this afternoon. To put that in perspective, our Wii shipments which range from 20-100, they sell out in a matter of hours (if they last that long)”
  • “My Best Buy store (St. Louis) held 40 PS3s — all 60 GBs — for Sunday’s ad. We sold a total of seven — yes, seven — the whole day, and one of them was later returned. Today we sold three or four the whole day”
    We were right all along and Sony is shit and doomed. It’s just taken people a bit longer to cotton on than we thought. We should now Photoshop together some sort of amusing image illustrating how just doomed Sony is. Perhaps putting “Sony” on a picture of the Titanic might be a good start.

    Not that we can be bothered.

    The amazing Sonic Xbox 360 load time YouTube clip:

    That was an easy day.