His name is Bing Gordon, and you can meet him in person at the Science Museum on January 24 as part of the Game On exhibition.

You could ask him, say, what’s so creative about doing 20 FIFAs a year, or, say, ask him when he’s going to stop charging people money for new sets of skins for The Sims that must’ve taken someone in the office a couple of hours to knock together.

This, sadly, is what Bing looks like:

Bing Gordon, EA's (cough) Creative Officer

If this was still 1996 we’d make some sort of ‘Joey Deacon’ reference. Sadly, those days have passed.


Here’s a nice shot of Bing’s gormless face, in case you want to use it as an avatar on whatever social networking site you spend all day aimlessly reloading to see if any girls have replied to something you said.