Once again we have confirmed ourselves as the number one conduit for the weirdos of the world:


“Hi UKR. I wasn’t allowed to dye my dog blue but I did get away with sticking SEGA tattoos on her. I think you’ll agree, they’re better than Stuart’s dog. My dog looks happy to be wearing SEGA things and even sat still while I was putting them on. And she has her tongue out and is offering a paw.

“The only bit of skin was on her belly which is a bit close to her vagina. Sorry about that. I tried to get pictures of not her vagina that much, but it’s still clearly visible. I’ll see what I can do to my cat next. And I’ll still try and dye the dog blue one day! Gretta.”

'Hello? RSPCA?'

Tomorrow we expect nothing less than photos of a cow’s brain smeared over a road in a vague approximation of the SEGA logo.


Anything but dog vaginas, please.