This is Stuart’s dog and Sonic hat. These photos arrived less than six hours after yesterday’s initial appeal. He clearly already had a dog to hand. You could never grow a dog in six hours.

Hopefully when we ask women to send in photos of their tits with “I LOVE UKR” written over them in fake blood like they’ve cut it into themselves the results will be equally swift and compliant.

A dog in a Sonic hat

A great photo, but the dog should’ve been roused to a sitting position, by offering a treat or a pat or saying that it’s din-dins or walkies time. It’s not really joining in. It should also be giving a paw for a bonus. Still, it’s a nice doggy. Oh yes it is. Oh yes you are. Oh yessy yessy doggy doggy. Good boy. GOOD BOY.

Really a dog in a Sonic hat

Still, it’s a photo of a dog wearing a Sonic The Hedgehog hat. It’s definitely an internet first. And probably also a last.

A cat in a Sonic hat

He even made his cat join in. This looks quite cruel.

“The dog is called Blue, and my cat is actually called Sonic (I named him after the good Sonic games, and not the wank ones of late). I’m sure you’ll agree that the dog pictures are vastly overshadowed by the ones of the cat. The cat fucking hated wearing the hat, and he almost shat himself every time I put it on him. Lucky for him I managed to get the required shots well within 4 hours.”

Or Sonic in a cat costume

Of course it could just be Sonic wearing a cat costume on his lower body.

Stupid cat

Stupid cat. Cats are so stupid they can’t even get things off their heads.