That’s good news, isn’t it? It means Sony’s getting a large number of units into the retail supply chain. It certainly DOES NOT mean no one’s buying PS3 because it’s a big piece of overpriced shit with a load of broken, year-old games.

Amazon also has some (oh, only about a million) left as well, which it is selling for an amazing saving of 1p. That really puts PS3 within reach of the average consumer!

Amazon's PS3 superdeal

In other REALLY VERY STUPID PS3 NEWS today, GAME has decided to only sell you a PS3 if you also want to buy three games with it and spend over 550 quid. We can confidently predict that LITERALLY NOBODY will want to do that.

GAME's PS3 megadeal

It’s almost as if they don’t want to sell any. Which is handy, as they won’t.

Dear Sony, we will stop mentioning PS3 if you can arrange to have ten boxed PAL PS3 consoles and ten collections of the entire launch line-up (all first and third party games plus peripherals) shipped to our home for selling on Ebay in time for launch day.

The number of PS3s we require will go up by one each day before our terms are met. No negotiations will be entered into. You have 24 hours before we need eleven.