This is an old story but we’ve just thought up that headline which we’re proud of. It’s to do with HMV thinking people might like to buy two shit Sony consoles at the same time, then, amazingly, deciding that perhaps they don’t after all.

That’s what’s known as an embarrassing public climbdown in the face of massive disinterest, because you’ve overestimated how stupid the average UK consumer is.

Ken reveals PS3 price cut thinking

That’s all. Today’s proper update will be along in half an hour. It’s to do with ‘Sexy Sudoku’ and is much better than this one which only took 10 minutes and is what we refer to internally as ‘a gonzo filler’.

If you have any ideas for what we can do to disrupt HMV’s midnight opening PS3 launch, please let us know. We’re currently thinking of handing out leaflets to queueing customers letting them know how much they’re being ripped off.