This is no one-off. This is not some rogue retailer who ordered more than he can sell. The lack of interest in PS3 is systemic, undeniable and nationwide. What’s also amazing is how retailers are lying about it, as if they think their customers can’t see what’s happening.

This “last chance to order today” sign has been out for weeks. The collaborating SCUM at Virgin should be shot:

Virgin - Fraternising with the enemy

“Here is a picture of the hopelessly optimistic sign outside the Virgin Megastore on High Street Kensington. It was taken last Friday when I walked past on my way to Uni. It was up over a week before when I became the last person on earth to buy Animal Crossing: Wild World. It was up before that, when I got a copy of the DS Lite browser. I’m just listing this so you can have an idea of how much money I’ve spent NOT pre-ordering the PS3”.

We'll go back in a week

“When I went to pay, the guy asked me ‘Had you considered pre-ordering a PS3?’. I replied, ‘Only as some sort of nightmarish fantasy’. Let’s face it, if you really want to beat up hookers with a baseball bat, Soho is only a 20 minute bus-ride away. The sign went up the day the PS3 was available for pre-order. I’m guessing that the main reason they haven’t take it down yet is to save the trouble of having to put it back up the day before the PS3 is released”.

Tomorrow we will show you how Liverpool is rejecting PS3. Then Manchester. Then everywhere else in the UK and into mainland Europe. We will demonstrate the STRENGTH and RESOLVE of the European people, and their BRAVERY in resisting Sony’s EVIL MACHINE. And we’ll also say that it’s too much money again and maybe do something about this story in which the president of Sony basically says Ken Kutaragi is a fuckwit.