In an incredible twist, Leeds would appear to have plenty of PlayStation3s left for pre-order. This is certainly bucking the national trend!

LEEDS: Industry and Pride

ON THE SPOT REPORT: “Hello all, I’ve attached two photos taken in Leeds’ main shopping area. As you can see, GAME are in their last few days of pre-orders for PS3, except that sign has been there for the last few weeks.”

VIRGIN: Capitalist sympathising scum

“Virgin on the other hand are emphasising their student discount by any means necessary. I couldn’t get photos of inside, but under every PS3 pre-order poster there are huge signs pointing out the 10% discount for all students. What they should be advertising is that with 10% off a PS3 you can buy yourself a Wii as well.”

If you buy a PS3 this means you’re not allowed to whine about loans or attend anti-capitalist rallies with your sack-cloth-wearing, dreadlocked, stinking, gap-year-in-Thailand-going-off-on, quorn-eating friends. You’re also not allowed to spend the next 25 years of your life only talking about your “uni” friends and the things you did in “uni” and how much fun you had in “uni”. That last one’s a general rule even if you don’t buy a PS3.