Here we are! The launch event starts now!

PS3 UK launch event thrills

The excitement is amazing, the crowds…



Jenny, Dave from Sony's sister

There are two people queuing for a PS3. The first one is a woman. All the other people in this picture are journalists and PR people who were probably expecting a better turn out, plus security guards who can’t believe how easy the job is as all they have to do is take the names of a few meek writers who want to take photos for their blogs.

We didn’t bother interviewing her, as she’s obviously (a) a friend of someone at Sony, (b) a friend of someone at Virgin, (c) a COMPLETE FUCKING LUNATIC, or (d) a homeless crack addict glad of a warm place to sleep tonight where she won’t get raped. The rape will instead happen at midnight on Thursday when she hands over her credit card to buy a PS3.

UPDATE: We are reliably informed by a reporter friend that the second guy in the queue is “buying six to sell on Ebay”. Worst. Idea. Ever.

'Reporting LIVE!'

This man’s filming the event!

This is what he’s filming. He’ll have to work one hell of an ‘angle’ to get something decent out of this embarrassing public cluster-fuck.

Heavy demand

We would imagine that there will indeed be some PS3s left over to buy this weekend. Bring a van, you can have 50,000 if you want.