And that’s according to actual evidence:

Kidnap boy lured by promise of PlayStation

Kidnap boy lured by promise of PlayStation

Jurors have been shown a video interview with a Perth man accused of conspiring with his homosexual partner to murder a boy they kidnapped and sexually abused for 20 days.

The man, Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46, who has AIDS, said the boy was lured to their home with the promise of a PlayStation.

Urquhart and his partner Robbie Sebastian Wheeler, 43, are on trial in the Western Australian District Court accused of plotting to wilfully murder the teenage boy.

The pair have already pleaded guilty in court to 27 charges between them, including deprivation of liberty and sexually assaulting the boy between August 30 and September 19, 2005, but have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to kill him.

Mr Urquhart said in the interview shown to the jury today he minimised the risk of the boy contracting AIDS by engaging only in oral sex and not having anal sex with him.

“I didn’t engage in anal sex with the boy because of AIDS,” he said.

During the interview with Perth detectives, Urquhart said he had never forced the boy to do anything.

He said he was freaked out by the situation but did not call police because he “didn’t want to get into trouble”.

He said he basically went along with Mr Wheeler, who lured the boy to their house by promising him a PlayStation or an X-box.

“Ryan offered him a PlayStation or an X-box.
“We had Maccas for dinner the first night.

“I made sure he ate – he had hot dogs, chips, takeaway and pizza.

“He was well looked after and showered and all that.”

Urquhart said the boy was restrained by Wheeler during the 20 days, but had gone to the house of his own free will.

He had used bucket in the bathroom as a toilet.

Earlier today the jury was shown sketches, diagrams and notes taken from the home of the pair.

Documents shown to jurors included details of how the pair planned to go cruising and wanted to pick up a straight boy – “the younger the better” – and drug them before handcuffing them.

“The younger they are the shorter we’ll keep them, unless we snag a homeless one.

“When we’ve finished with them want to get rid of them, start doing some snuff and damage them.

“Make sure find a safe place to dump them.”

Another document contained the sentence: “Won’t acid take care of the body so it’s just bones?”

The trial continues.

And so is Xbox.