PlayStation3 registered an 82 percent drop in hardware sales for the week ending April 1, its second week on sale in the UK, according to official Chart Track hardware sales figures we’re not supposed to have.

This is not really a surprise, as everyone who wanted a PS3 now has a PS3. Its brief blip of possible popularity has ended.

Chart Track only publicly released software sales figures for the last week, which were slightly more flattering to PS3 – showing over a 60 percent drop, as everyone who only bought Motorstorm bought Resistance and everyone who only bought Resistance bought Motorstorm.

Argos PS3 stock shame

And if someone from Sony Europe says this is due to “stock issues” it will be the single biggest lie in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. It’s quite unlikely that a press release will be issued about these figures.

Virgin Woking - Painful countdown

PS3 is now a 100 percent verified disaster! And if you believed Chart Track’s “165,000” you now have to believe Chart Track’s “82 percent drop”. Poor you.

Happy days. Some photo we used either today or last week came from the person who does this. It’s a link to some student radio, so you don’t have to click on it. We’re just being polite.

FROM GERMANY: “I’m a Brit and I live in South Germany. I thought you might like to see a picture of the unsold stack of PS3s in the local MediaMarkt store (Huge German Electrical/Electronic Chain). I usually go into the store at least twice a week and the stack hasn’t moved in the past week. Only 599 Europounds. Hardly compares to the XBox 360 which is 299 Europounds. All the best, Colin.”

Nobody queued outside Nook’s when PS3 went on sale, either. We should also link to Mr Biffo’s awesome anecdote about Phil Harrison. If you like reading stories about people under great stress going mental in public, this is ideal.

We have literally 100s of photos like this. And WANT MORE!