See what SEGA thought the future would look like in 1993, thanks to a Japan-living-in reader called Rudie. He’s embarrassed us quite severely by putting in the sort of effort we haven’t put in since 1999.

Hi-Tech, low maintenance

“Here are more pictures of things that say SEGA. Near my place in southern Tokyo there are two arcades both called SEGA HI-TECH LAND.”

Rare SEGA font!

“This is the entrance to one. You can taste the future. And you know it will be great because it says SEGA!”

Where's Daytona?

“There was one person on the arcade portion, which means it was more active than American arcades. Everyone else was by the UFO Catchers and Pachinko machines on the other side. The clerk didn’t mind when I got pictures of the empty VF5 machines.”

Every day is SEGA day on UKR!

“This mat states that the 23rd of every month is SEGA day. That makes Japan automatically better than every other country on Earth.”

Probably looks better at night

“The back entrance to the other arcade. I don’t know what else to say.”

We'd clean it for free :(

“This is the front entrance.”

Arcades: Thriving

“Look at all those empty machines! That just means there’s no waiting to have fun at SEGA Hi-Tech Land.”

Ideal for mopping spunk off Dreamcasts

“The best part is at the arcade they have free wetnaps that remind you about SEGA day! See two SEGA Arcades within walking distance of each other. They are still open which means someone out there still cares about fun.”


This should be our new logo.