You’d better get used to playing games by waving things about, basically, as that’s all there’s going to be in about 18 months time.

  • NDS: 285,192
  • WII: 101,320
  • PSP: 35,172
  • PS2: 14,815
  • PS3: 12,974
  • 360: 3,205
  • And that’s for ‘Golden Week’, which is like a Japanese Christmas and Bank Holiday rolled into one, and a time people tend to buy games consoles for something to do while at home in their tiny little paper houses.

    Once everyone’s finished wasting vast piles of money developing their current PS3 projects there’ll be 50 collections of mini games released for Wii every week. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a remote control being waved near a human face… for ever.

    Blockbusters' message to Sony

    We can’t wait to see what Sony’s embarrassing climbdown will be. Emergency 50 percent price cut? Cheaper new PS3 version without Blu-ray drive? Free t-shirts? Something has to be done before September, or it’s exit hardware industry time.