We got sent these photos of a huge SEGA chair. A man found it, bought it, restored it, loves it because it’s weird and by SEGA and now wants to know a little bit more about it.

This is where you come in, as despite all our “fronting” we actually know next to nothing about stuff like this and are mostly just pretending to like it all for something to do.

It is a hydraulically operated joystick chair, with the seat moving when you wiggle the massive stick. Apparently it was made by SEGA AM7, presumably during the early-to-mid-90s Golden Era when SEGA spunked money away on glorious follies such as this, therefore earning the adoration of a generation.

EXPLANATION: “This joypad is a size of a double seater and it is mounted on hydraulics. When you move the joystick, the seat follows the direction by changing the angle. You can move it in all six ways. When you turn and hold in position SEGA Joystick: up or down, left or right the sitting part will turn and stay at desired angle. If you use a combination turn: up/left, or up/right, or down/left or down/right, it will turn and bounce back smoothly and continuously at the given angle (feels like sitting in a bouncing lowrider).”

It would look great in the lounge of any single 33-year-old male with a complete collection of SEGA plushes, who longs for the days SEGA made massive hydraulic things and life wasn’t all about SHIT.

If you can ID it or want to talk to someone who really loves weird SEGA arcade hardware, email Yas and you will almost certainly become friends.