Here’s an email we got, including hi-res digital photos and well labeled captions for each picture. It also included a scene-setting introductory paragraph. It is the exact kind of email that makes updating the site more fun – ie, it makes updating the site take only two minutes.

“Just to add to the SEGA isn’t dead theme, thought I’d send you pics of an even bigger SEGA place in Okayama, Joypolis. Just think! It’ll look like SEGA is in the middle of its glory days or something if there are two whole updates about it.”

“Look how big it is! It has arcades, bowling and karaoke, all with Sonic! (best to ignore a large part of it is restaurants). Look at the red archway you drive under to the parking area! It says Joyful Town! And if you look closely at the Joypolis sign it says…”

“…Legend of SEGA! Don’t know what Dendo for Amusement means though.”

“Look! Sonic is everywhere! Big signs on the wall! Small signs on the street! Sonic Karaoke promises hip hop, reggae, soul, rock, jazz and techno. Even better, inside they had the best version of OutRun possible…”

“…it’s four cars next to each other, with two steering wheels so you can play with a friend if you have one. There are cameras in your car which show your faces up on the screen, but as you can tell, only one weird looking guy was playing it by himself.”

“I actually played this with a ‘girl’ and it is great. The control switches every so often so it’s exciting, and later you can laugh about how much fun it was while touching her arm to associate good feelings with you in her mind. Finally they had…”

“…SEGA Driving School! Although if the standard of driving is anything to go by it just teaches you to pull out in front of cars while deliberately not looking in their direction and pretending you haven’t seen them.”