Thankfully, one of our readers has such low standards of food hygiene he’s had this grimy gem in a cupboard since 1991.

Sadly, Daddies Sauce is DISGUSTING

WHERE IT CAME FROM: “Here is a picture of a Sonic the Hedgehog Daddies Tomato Sauce bottle I’ve had at the back of my cupboard since 1991. I’ve been meaning to send you guys this picture for ages. Best wishes, Mr Jakeway.”

Some sort of joke about 'Daddy's Sauce'

The product was withdrawn from sale in 1992, following complaints that several children were traumatised by seeing Sonic leaking ‘blood’ from a sizable head wound.


  • The Tails bathtime wanking lube
  • The Sonic single man food
  • Please send more. It’s important that this kind of utter rubbish is saved as a warning to future generations about overly whoring out and devaluing their brands.