Apparently her name is Satomi Ishihara. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys really unsatisfying Japanese soft pornography where all the women do is smile at you like they like you and are your friend and don’t even get their tits out, you’ll know her as some sort of “idol”.

Satomi Ishihara - a SEGA WOMAN

Imagine getting off with a girl wearing a red SEGA shirt! You could reach over, pretending you’re feeling her chest, then sneakily feel the quality embroidery of that logo.

Satomi Ishihara - a SEGA WOMAN

You might even be able to distract her enough to steal that SEGA “staff” badge.

SEGA is always with smile, apart from when playing Xbox 360 Sonic The Hedgehog

That SEGA logo is AMAZING. We have said a lot of SEGA things are AMAZING over the years, sometimes unnecessarily, but that logo… that logo is… AMAZING. It really does sum up SEGA.

Satomi Ishihara, demonstrating how a button works

Here she is, performing a press. It looks like a good press. A well extended finger, clean body shape, clever use of the left hand to draw the eye into the object – plus she’s looking away from the target button which always makes it harder. This is a good choice for SEGA.