Over the last year, we have received two separate emails about the 1991/1992 Sonic The Hedgehog Yearbook. It is clearly time to do something about it, even though both sets of photos are, frankly, rubbish.

The 1991/1992 Sonic The Hedgehog Yearbook!

The Doomsday Book of video games!

FROM THE OWNER: “Hi there, I was just rummaging through my wardrobe and I found this mint condition 1991/1992 official Sonic yearbook. In the middle of the book there is a ‘fun’ game to guess the random has stars of the time. In one we have Manchester United star Brian McClair and two is Brian’s team-mate Paul Parker. In six is TV star Julian Clary. And finally, 11 is Michael Jackson with Sega’s UK champion, who I think looks a bit like Brian McClair.”

Well, we’d stand a better chance if you’d done a better job of taking the photo.

The internet would’ve had a field day with this, had the internet existed in a mainstream format in 1991/1992.

This second batch of photos came from the angry people at Stupid Fucking Customers.

Andy Crane would appear to think the Game Gear is a telephone. If only! Perhaps then it would’ve stood a chance. It also might’ve needed an extra eight batteries.

Again, the photos are not really of a high enough quality to reflect the majesty of the annual. We are currently scouring eBay for a decent one to photograph at the highest possible resolution under the lighting conditions it deserves.

You can just about read it. Best not to though.

Wow. In 1991/1992, we would’ve gone MENTAL WITH EXCITEMENT at the thought of winning a SEGA Mega CD.

Andi Peters is so rubbish he needs to be told which one he’s controlling! No, Andi, you are not the rocks or the sea, you are the dolphin.

This is where it all went wrong for SEGA. You can’t remove the headphone socket. Listening to the Starlight Zone theme in stereo while playing in the dark is the Mega Drive’s greatest defining moment.

If you have a copy of the 1991/1992 Sonic The Hedgehog Yearbook AND a decent camera AND a sense of perspective AND the ability to hold a camera still, please send in more pics. Maybe one day we can recreate the entire book page by page for future generations.