Pretty awful. Black denim was socially acceptable in the mainstream back then, not just for ageing goths. They look like today’s lesbians. Anyway, that’s not the point of this “slow day” update, as you’ve no doubt already scrolled down and noticed.

This is a gonzo photo report from “circa 1993” which features a photo of, and these capital letters aren’t ours so may be taken seriously, a GIANT SONIC KITE.


HOW IT CAME TO BE: “I found this picture, taken in Richmond Park circa 1993. I have cropped one particular area which shows a GIANT SONIC KITE which I thought might interest you. As I write this I think I may have sent it before, and you obviously didn’t like it then, so won’t be liking it now. But I’m a bit bored of wanking temporarily. So enjoy the picture, and if you have a slow day or wish to ‘bury bad news’ this might be perfect. The resolution is poor, as it is a pre-digital picture :( Have a gratifying day.”