A reader sent this is. It’s a series of photos of Emily Booth presenting something on the XLEAGUE.TV couch, with an empty space next to her. This is so you can edit in a photo of yourself and be all like “Yeah, I was chatting to that whatsername off Channel 5 last night.”

The she said to me XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A FREE UPDATE, BASICALLY: “Here are some edited pics of Emily booth on the X-League TV set with an empty couch next to her. This gives you the opportunity to put yourself in an interview with her and talk about things that are nice like Sega and that.

The she asked me XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

“The first image shows Emily looking slightly worried and nervous like she might not want to be there while the second shows her clearly enjoying herself and finding the whole situation to be great fun.”


“I’ve also included an ‘example’ pic of everyone’s favourite interviewee. Enjoy! Joe.”