Tensions have been simmering for a while, but this “review” of Heavenly Sword takes all of the biscuits, eats the biscuits, then spits them out in the face of all that is holy.

Heavenly Sword PR review SHAME

This is the oddest thing to have happened in the very odd history of Sony’s Euro PR blog. It is Sony, reviewing one of its games. And as you might expect in a review on a blog funded by Sony, the game funded by Sony does really quite well.

Heavenly Sword is amazing to behold!

Just to reiterate, that says “Heavenly Sword is amazing to behold, seriously addictive, pleasingly original, in that it manages not to feel like any other game you’ve played…”

Heavenly Sword - who knows?

Now we’re not saying Heavenly Sword isn’t the best thing in the world, ever, it could very well be, but having Sony-paid writers reviewing Sony games for a Sony web site is creating quite a large mockery of the games industry.

To the DEATH

OFFICIAL NEW ENEMY. Although, being professional, it’s unlikely angry Three Speech staff will pile in here and call us cunts in the comments bit, so this may well be a bit of a one-sided confrontation.