Sonic’s back, in his dialogue screen-iest adventure yet! Seriously, there’s way too much chit-chat between levels, especially when most of the talking is being done by Marine The Very Cliched Australian character. As a rule, conversation is something to be avoided as much in video games as in real life.

Other than that, though, it’s top hole. And bottom hole. Very nice.

Conversation - always bad

There really is a bit too much of this. In one screen she uses the word “bugger” which, for old people, is a very rude word as it’s about gay sex. SEGA could have a PR disaster on its hands if an old person plays this.

Sonic Rush Adventure

But then there’s loads of this, which is good. Although being MADE to replay levels to collect enough materials for Tails to build his gadgets (it takes the game 55 dialogue screens to say that) is a bit of an odd thing to happen in a game.

Sonic Rush Adventure

But then there’s lots of this, which is also good. Compared with the best Sonic games it’s a good 8/10. Compared with the rubbish 3D Sonic games it’s a good 9999999999/10.