Can you guess? It’s all very, very lifestyle. We’ve hidden the real product behind a bag of frozen peas.

Not frozen peas

It’s not for frozen peas. This isn’t an elaborate double bluff.

Not ladies shoes

It’s not for ladies shoes.

It’s not for make-up or high-grade narcotics.

It’s not for jewellery.

Not Lily Allen clothes

It’s not for Lily Allen’s new range of dresses.

Not for the Bloqwelda kitchen chair

It’s not for Ikea.

For PSP!

It is, incredibly, for Sony’s PSP!

Yes, for PSP :(

Look at it there. That’s a PSP you can just about see a bit of. Click on it for the amazing full-resolution shame of it all.

Ironic? Or just German?

The others involve men :(((

And there’s three other sets we’re saving for later.