It may have escaped your attention that UKR is notionally part of a “network” – a network we intend to drag down by inserting worryingly odd sex references into updates about Bluetooth headsets and placing inappropriate wanking terminology into posts about the politics of social networking.

These are some of the posts we have written for other parts of “the network” this week. They are of varying quality.

  • This thing about a waterproof TV with plenty of thinly-veiled references to masturbating in hotel bathrooms.
  • This thing which was just an excuse to Google Jade Raymond on work time.
  • This thing where “The Church” says Sony is shit.
  • This thing about Nintendo “hoodies.”
  • And this thing where we tried to introduce the readers of to the joys of Asian product holding.
  • Pink or blue?

    If anyone has any suggestions about wanking themes to include in future serious posts on “the network” you know how to get in touch.