Only the problems with this are: (1) It’s a Nintendo game. (2) It’s a Wii game. (3) It’ll be another rubbish, hobbled version of Sonic that appears in it, because as we all know, the REAL Sonic would drill Mario’s fat arse into the ground in half a second, then smash his mushroom-faced fuckbuddies into a billion pieces in the next half a second.

Then he would fly off with Tails on a little red aeroplane, laughing about it, off home to see Cream, who’s very excited to see him and eager to hear his tales of victory (insert 500 words of erotic fan fiction).

Sonic lies

This is NONSENSE. We clearly remember the end movie of Sonic CD, where Sonic had the ability to spin SO FAST he could smash robotic enemies in HALF. Mario’s fleshy belly would be spread to the four winds in a flash if this was the real Sonic and not some cross-promotional marketing-lead imposter.