The reason Sony charged so much for PS3 in Europe was, and we quote in SHEER HORROR, so early adopters could have six months of extra enjoyment out of the machine before it became cheaper. That 425 price included a Fun Premium, so PS3-buying cockmunchers had six extra months playing Folding@Home and botched Xbox 360 ports.

This is easily Sony’s most baffling and insulting statement yet. Here’s Sony Europe’s Ray Maguire spelling it out:

Sony Europe's Ray Maguire spelling it out

“One thing is common amongst the entire market for consumer electronics and that is that there are early adopters like myself who will spend GBP 10,000 on a plasma TV that is worth GBP 3000 within three years. That’s the way the market goes. What do they get for that? They get six months of enjoyment of the product before anybody else gets that ability to play those games.” – Ray Maguire , Sony Europe, last week.


  • “We’ve been doing some research for the last few months” – WE’VE BEEN LOOKING AT THE INTERNET AND SALES FIGURES IN ABJECT HORROR.
  • “…the hub market is really wide and the prices have come down significantly” – SONY’S NEXT BUSINESS EXPANSION WILL BE IN THE LUCRATIVE USB HUB SECTOR.
  • “…if you’ve got a strategy and you’ve got products on a boat which takes six weeks to get here and there’s been a three month lead time to get the product in, our business has to go on and we will go on with the strategy that we want” – THERE ARE SIX MILLION UNSOLD PS3S OUT THERE ON BOATS.
  • “The difference between our industry and many other industries is that if you’re selling cars or houses the price goes up steadily. Consumer electronics only goes one way and that’s downwards” – YES, BUT, USUALLY EQUIPMENT GETS BETTER AND HAS MORE FEATURES ADDED TO IT RATHER THAN GETTING WORSE AND HAVING FEATURES TAKEN OUT. NO ONE TAKES A ROOM OFF YOUR HOUSE ONCE YOU’VE AGREED TO BUY IT.