We have received DEVASTATING NEWS. The Mega Drive had Sony processors inside it. This is like a virus that runs back through time, erasing all our happy memories of SEGA’s defining machine.

If UKR gradually fades from existence over the coming days, it is the retro-active effect of this horrifying news corrupting the time stream and making our young selves side with Nintendo.

Mega Drive Sony inside-having chip SHAME

FROM THE OWNER: “I found this Generation 2 Sega Genesis at a Goodwill here in south Florida for 3.99, I bought it, but, alas, it did not work. Recently I decided to crack it open and see if I could find what ails it. Unfortunately, I have discovered that SEGA has been betraying us for all these years!”

One chip Sony hasn't removed

There it is. That’s the little SHIT. Rip it out! It probably only does something really useless, like make the machine break after 12 years.


“Here is why I blame the chip for my system’s death. The area around the chip was the only part covered in this orange slime, seen there after I wiped it up. Here is a dramatic shot of the Sony death slime in front of a once proud system – Matt.”