The gist of all the below is that the PS3 web browser crashes when trying to load Richard Jacques’ MySpace page. Can people submitting update ideas please try to get the point across in one or two lines in future?

No one’s ever going to read all of this:


We have no option but to take their word for it when they say this is what happenes when you look at Richard’s MySpace page on a PS3. Here is the story…

Me and my ill educated friend enjoy reading your site and often read through your archives together. My ill educated friend is so ill educated that he bought a PS3 shortly after its release, and is incapable of reading things that should make him feel degraded for doing so. Anyway, he reads the site, ironically, on his PS3, and the other day he clicked the link you gave to Richard’s MySpace.

To our surprise the PS3 failed to load the page! The error said “there wasn’t enough memory” which isn’t a surprise as the console is shit and only has 256MB of ram, not even enough to run Photoshop CS2. Which it can’t do anyway as Sony’s “home computer” thing doesn’t allow you to install things. What is a surprise is that this only happens on Jacques’ MySpace page. Other MySpace pages of lesser people work fine, but Richard’s will not load and crashes the browser. This is surely a sick joke from Sony. I guess they have a problem with the genius himself, and SEGA, and are just intolerant of better companies. But hey, this is expected of Sony. I hate them as much as you do. The enclosed photos are pretty poor, especially the last one, but you get the idea. Sorry if having to see something on a PS3 burns your eye sockets but we all have a job to do.

Sony has clearly caught us sleeping in this war. Now is the time to retaliate!

From Adam in Durham

PS. Warhawk is now out on PS3 for download / purchase in stores, has no single player (online exclusive) and despite being a fairly good effort at a PS3 exclusive game plus being an alright price of 20 quid, it is impossible to get into a match. Create your own and the max players is four. I wonder when Sony will learn that making something online exclusive doesn’t mean it’s better, it just means that the only people that can “enjoy” it are persistent fat Americans. The end had better be nigh…