We punched in. We blogged. We punched out again. These are the updates created for elsewhere that met the minimum required standard for publication this week.

  • This thing about the world’s fastest lift, which reveals personal details about our deprived upbringing in the woods.
  • This thing about the Ninja Gaiden 2 box, because it was late and we hadn’t done very much work that day so thought it would be a good idea to knock a quick one out before home time.
  • This thing about an angry dad suing Microsoft and putting Linux on your PC as revenge.
  • This thing about HD DVD sales which features the world’s most unnecessary bit of PS3 bashing.
  • This thing about a really big printer, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:

    This week’s updates were slightly better than last week’s batch, but still not enough to break through the psychological 6/10 barrier.