The photos are online over at SEGA Europe’s Flickr account. There’s a quite unnecessary 15 pages of pictures like this:

Sonic Mario sandwich

SEGA had a special day for special people, to promote the Sonic/Mario Olympic game. We were not invited. Had we been invited we would have made up an excuse not to attend, so it was for the best.


This is why we wouldn’t have attended. There is nothing worse in the entire world than being forced to wear someone else’s clothes then being forced have fun, while someone takes photos you know damn well are going to end up on the internet. It’s modern-day torture.

...then they ended up on UKR

We like to imagine a few of the attendees were thinking “I hope those photos of me in the stupid hair don’t end up on UKR.”

Girls in t-shirts

At least there was some of this. This means the game’s going to get in The Sun so should sell more copies than, say, Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360, which didn’t make it into the top FORTY this week (despite the UKR reference hidden within it).

Sonic - large genitals

We can also take pleasure in the fact that Sonic appears to have larger genitals than Mario. In fact, Mario looks like he’s got more of a camel toe.

Dancing twat

Whoever was inside the Sonic costume got a bit carried away by the excitement of it all, though.

Mario - dignified and silent

This is not helping Sonic look any cooler. Mario seems quite ashamed to be near the imbecile in the blue costume.


Too much. Too much of the hands and legs. Too much everything.

Kickin' rave!

He just won’t stop. Someone from SEGA Japan ought to have been on hand to stop the man in the Sonic costume ruining 15 years of good work. You couldn’t even punch him in the face, as it wouldn’t hurt with all that padding.

Just go home

Is this why some people hate Sonic?


And you thought brand Sonic didn’t have any kudos left to lose.

Possibly a girl, though

This is what happens when you get drama students to wear the costumes.

Here come the Stuart Halls!

That’s Stuart Hall. He was amazingly famous in the 1970s and early 1980s, so famous that some of his fame still survives to this very day.

Stuart Hall in 'grope shock'

Here, Mr Hall is groping one of The Sun girls through her costume. He probably can’t feel anything though.

'What email? About what event?'

Add this scene to the list of reasons why we tend not to reply to emails about press events for web sites.


There was a moment when it looked like the whole day was going to be a PR DISASTER as a man NEARLY DIED.

Posers get all the chicks :(

But at least one person had fun.