The HMV launch party of that Olympic game was such an exciting occasion that a man had to RUN BACK and get his proper camera, so the event could be captured at the impressive number of megapixels it deserves.

Here is his photojournal of the exciting event.

Dick and/or Dom

EYE WITNESS REPORT: “As I left my place of work for lunch I happened to walk past HMV in Oxford Street.”

Shadow returns :(((((

“Much to my surprise I saw Sonic and Mario jumping around outside, and having their photos taken with under-age Japanese girls. As I only had my crappy phone with me I ran back to work and got my camera.”

There is a girl inside that costume. We had that fact CONFIRMED

“When I got back they had gone inside so I went into the store, and at the back of the store were Dick and Dom presenting the launch of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.”

Mario: Disabled access required

“You may notice that Sonic and Mario needed help down the stairs. It would appear that age is finally catching up with them, and in one photo it looks like Mario is…”


“…about to bum the slightly pregnant lady from Nintendo.”

Sonic, displaying how much dignity he has lost today

“I am sure you will appreciate that all the photos are in glorious 3072 x 2304 resolution – John.”

Awesome reportage. 10/10.

“PS: I need to send you two emails, to fit all the photos in.”

Actually it required three separate emails in the end, making the total amount of data sent a stunning 20.2MB – a record for a reader submission.