Some men are born great. Some have greatness thrust upon them. Others fashion their own greatness out of blue nylon sheets and red vinyl carpet tiles. This man will one day lead his nation to many glorious war victories, such is his dazzling audacity and skill. In the mean time, here he is being confused and misunderstood.

All hail the new leader of the free world:

Small genital bulge

SPOTTED BY: “Today I went to a manga festival (Salo del Manga) here in Barcelona, Spain. I was walking, saw him and it was like ‘wow!!’. I went running to this guy, I was holding the camera, we didn’t need to talk, he stopped, made the pose and this is the result! Hahahahahaha! Also, the guy at the right is like ‘I’m so cool!’ xD. The photo is 2848 x 4256, so it could be used as wallpaper… for the brave – Bernat.”