Most people slack off and let the quality slip a bit in Christmas party week. So did we. It’s part of the good old UK tradition of stopping to care on about December 12. Here are the updates we did for elsewhere that stood above ‘mediocre’ but slightly below the required ‘satisfactory’ level.

  • This thing which totally enraged PS3 “fanboys” and sent them predictably berserk – mission accomplished.
  • This thing about Tomb Raider Underworld, because we are totally heterosexual for Lara Croft especially now she’s in hi-res.
  • This thing about an iPod dock, because sometimes a man just has to write about iPod docks as it’s still better than having a job that involves raw meat or shovels.
  • This thing about a mentally unstable loner’s android companion.
  • This thing about Gemma Atkinson launching a bra range, because you can’t not use (and we mean USE, repeatedly) pictures like this when they come along:
  • ATTENTION GOOGLE: Gemma Atkinson bra photo

    With Gemma and her bra – 10/10. Without Gemma and her bra – 6/10.