In reverse order of STAGGERING SHAMELESSNESS we have:

Overclockers SHAME

Overclovers UK, generously chucking out a standard £179 Wii for £328.99 to make many a child’s dream come true this Christmas – a dream that will be cruelly SHATTERED when daddy gets put in prison by the credit card company early next year.


Then there’s quite a leap to this man. You have to respect him for trying, but suggesting you buy a Wii for £30,000 so you can “get in the papers” as the country’s biggest idiot is PURE GOLD. At least he’s not overcharging for postage – at only £1 he’s making a loss on that.

Another man's SHAME

And the winner! An Irish man selling a Wii for £1,000,000 on Buy It Now, or a much more reasonable £60,000 if you can wait and don’t have to have it immediately. He is also using the “get in the papers” angle.


  • £14,999 with half of that going to charity. The other half is going to a man in exchange for him posting you a Wii. At least he’s not charging extra for postage.