Complete transcript of event/conversation and a variety of photographs included as proof.

Almost within ejaculating distance!

This was at Video Games Live ages ago. Richard played the piano. We took photos, but were sitting/hiding right at the back and they came out very poorly. Hence the lack of an update at the time.

Two men, one of slightly larger stature

The photos were supplied at 3488 x 2616 resolution. But they were not particularly flattering to either man at that size, so good old 500 wide it is.


This is nearly the same picture, only less blurry. History demands that even the blurry photos of Richard and the ones with his eyes closed are used and saved for future generations, he is that important to modern culture. You wouldn’t go binning a photo of you and Neil Tennant just because it came out a bit blurry or he had his eyes closed, would you?

“So there I was at Video Game Live. Intermission. Piss, wash hands, look up and right in front of me… RICHARD JACQUES!”

Grab wife, all possesions and camera. Walk up and say “Richard, do you mind having a picture taken with me?”

RJ: “Not at all”

RJ puts arm round me… and I him…

Wife takes first photo…


So I chat for a sec and mention how you guys love him.

RJ: “I know… you’re not one of their spies are you?”

Me: “No… (thinking ‘not yet’)”

RJ: “Will probably see this on there tomorrow with something bad, huh?”

Me: “Are you kidding only nice things about you at UK:R…”

RJ: “Good”

“Man I swear he was like soooooo laid back. It made my night to stand near him and shake his hand. And god he can’t half play piano – Paul”